El Copil takes its name from the ancient Aztec myth which explains the origin of nopal.


One day the god of war, Huitzilopochtli, left his sister Malinalxochitl alone as he set off to found a new kingdom. The deserted Malinalxochitl then had a son, Copil (whose name means crown).


Copil grew up with a hatred for Huitzilopochtli and hoped he would one day be able to meet him and carry out his revenge. One day, Copil set out and found the evil god, but he had to turn back to recruit more soldiers. Huitzilopochtli then found out about the quest and ordered his priests to take the heart of Copil and return it to him to use as an offering.


Yet the next day, the heart of Copil had been replaced by a beautiful plant. This plant was nopal....

El Copil Ltd was founded in 2019, borne from the joint experiences of its cofounders. Sarah and Rodrigo met in Guadalajara (Mexico) in 2017 whilst Sarah was studying abroad and Rodrigo was working as a software developer, and they soon found themselves sharing ideas. Sarah's passion for healthy foods combined with Rodrigo's love for Mexico and its history to form the foundations of El Copil.


Sarah Bromley


A recent graduate in Economics with Spanish, Sarah balanced achieving a first class honours degree with working part-time at a startup and sowing the seeds for El Copil. She has also studied and worked in Mexico, where her love for both Latin culture and healthy food combined to lay the foundations for the business.

Rodrigo Bautista Fontes


Rodrigo is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved with various ventures since he was a teenager, from tutoring to car parks. He has a strong interest in ancient Mexican history and currently works as a software engineer in Guadalajara, Mexico and has experience in some of the world's largest technology giants.

Archie Kubba

Operations Manager (Birmingham)

After completing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Archie has worked in a range of research and management positions. He is passionate about bringing together academia and industry and has a special interest in the import/export sector, both of which he is able to further at his current position as a knowledge exchange fellow.

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